(Note: After you read the previous post, you may be quick to think I am against large corporations. Quite the contrary – long live capitalism! However, I’m always going to point out opportunities for providing outstanding customer service.)

I’m ecstatic that one of my favourite pen merchants in the USA, Paradise Pen (, finally came on board with International Shipping. I felt in love with the Portland location in May and since then I’ve hummed and hawed at the thought of them being able to ship to Canada outside of the casual, one-of, ebayer. I placed my order and was awaiting delivery through UPS. Silly me, I realized I should have had them ship the pen to work (I was reminded of this twice, once per failed delivery attempt).

I called UPS to track the package and had a pleasant call with the service rep who confirmed my details. I let her know I wanted to pick it up the same day, and she let me know which location I could go to in order to pick up my package; “5960 Ferguson”. Google-mapped that shit and lo and behold, 5960 Ferguson is in Richmond, British Columbia, no where near Richmond Hill, Ontario. Turns out she looked at my package and just randomly picked a UPS location in Canada via random draw. I called back and spoke with a seemingly more experienced rep who cleared everything up. Good job UPS on correcting the issue, but you would have had to fit the bill on getting my package to me if it truly hit the West Coast.



  1. LOL – this reminds me of my Ikea experience when I ordered a couch. What I thought would have been delivered from either the Etobicoke or North York location, I quickly discovered that it was coming from warehouse in Montreal! Hows that for bad business sense. I waited weeks for the couch to arrive and there were 4 re-scheduled delivery attempts because they were not going to be in ‘my area’ when I was available to receive it. Note to self – make it convenient for your customers to purchase from you.

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