Zellers – Your POS system will cost you millions!

Earlier today, I ventured off to Hillcrest Mall and opted to pick up a few things that I needed for the week. Kudos to Cadillac Fairview for injecting new life into this previously outdated shopping center. It is a miracle that I survived to post today as the trip there was quite an adventure. This weekend, it was estimated that certain areas of the GTA would receive over 20 cm of snow. I can confirm that Richmond Hill has received at least that much as I just got in from clearing our driveway. I also managed to roll right into a snowbank – luckily two passer-bys were able to help push me out.
That takes me to the purpose of this post. A call out to “Zellers”, part of the HBC family — your systems inability to reflect current sale prices will cause customer dissatisfaction and leave more items on the shelf. The customer before me had a slew of items on the conveyor belt, among them were two Dad’s chocolate chip oatmeal cookie packages. As the cashier rang the items through, it was clear that the customer, a middle-aged housewife was quite annoyed over the price. Her claim was that the cookies were 2 for $5.00. The cashier asked “where is it posted”. The customer said somewhere over to where she pointed near the back of the store. Clearly, this was not in sight, however, the cashier then asked if the customer could take her there. Two things struck me as strange: (1) couldn’t the cashier have called out to another coworker in that department to check the price?; (2) what about the other individuals in the line? it’s a Sunday afterall and it may cause other customers to value their time against the goods they have committed to purchasing. The end result – the customer said she was not responsible for what the sale price should be in the register and left both boxes of cookies. I had a similar experience – I merely wanted two cans of Italian Wedding soup – one for tonight’s dinner, the second for work. I was also shocked that the display that had the soup for $1.99 came up as almost $2.39 on the register. I managed to politely point out the display which was in plain sight from the register and a crisis was averted. (Most who know me know, I would not be afraid to boil the ocean over 40 cents before tax).
I usually have to decide between Zellers, Walmart and Canadian Tire and Zellers usually wins only because I tend to need to go to another store like HMV, Blacks, or the lottery kiosk. If Zellers does not fix this problem, it looks like my HBC rewards card will only be swiped at The Bay from now on.

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