John Brooks and the Queen’s Diversity Movement

The John Brooks Community Foundation continues to play an instrumental role in motivating young people of African descent to pursue academic excellence and leadership in society. I was very fortunate to have received an award from the foundation back in 1999 which enabled me to successfully enroll at my dream instituti I had stumbled upon this article that reminded me about my frame of mind while at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. From 2001-2002, I was the President of the African and Caribbean Student’s Association (ACSA), one of the cultural clubs who led in the celebration of diversity within the Kingston community.

The weight of leading the club was nothing relative to the pressure of trying to change the perception that Queen’s University lacked diversity whatsoever. Since I left the club and Kingston, I’ve heard that the diversity project for Queen’s is still gaining some momentum. Regardless, I hope that anyone who wishes to go to Queen’s does so because of its community, it’s history and tradition for being one of Canada’s top institutions. What I regarded once as my most humiliating experience is now one of my fondest memories.


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