Back to Basics

So much has happened since my last post. A trip to Vegas (business) and NYC (pleasure), Michael, upping my collection of art supplies in hopes to breaking my drought (7 years since I last painted and produced a finished piece) and the defense of my post as Social Director of the TLGTA.

I emptied my pockets a few days ago and realized that I was starting to become a lunch time fast food junkie. Subway may have worked for Jared, but whether I eat a 6inch or footlong sub, I’m still missing the mark on my daily consumption of protein. Plus in addition to what I am paying for parking ($10/day x 5), I’m spending an additional $10 (average) on meals that I could easily make from home.

Men’s Health made some key recommendations that I will put to good use this week. More lean meats, brown rice, fruits, yogurt, etc. Even oatmeal. This prompted a well needed trip to the big C – Costco. I do not fear what will come to pass during the holidays. My issue is that I am fairly active and I have not seen those results transpire as easily as they did 10 years ago. I was much heavier at one point, less muscular, and my body was very receptive to adjusting to the regimen I put it through. Clearly I’m not 21 anymore and neither is my metabolism. With diabetes on both sides of my family, consistent focus in this area has to be the #1 item for me as I head into 2009.

I know what I need to focus on. I know the changes that will be conducive to making the types of changes that I want – now I have to deliver. Period.


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