Under Construction

I just came off playing my worst tennis in a string of competitive events this month. All the prior months suggested I would continue to peak. Truth is while my technique is much improved, I have lost some speed and agility – due to practice and my current fitness level. I own full responsibility for it.
In Detroit, I wish I had better results to match how I felt about my game going in – strong volleying and serving. I still have hints of the shoulder pain that I believe played a small role in my performance, but it’s geting better. I played my heart out in the first set of the club championships, but I cannot be bitter about it as my opponent was in-form and the first set was at a high level. I ran out of gas and deserved to be bageled. After that match, I picked up an old stick my Prince OS 3 White – I swore by my Blade Tour since I trialled it earlier in the year and I’m liking the feel of it thus far. Strung at 57 lbs with an elastic band dampener, I’m liking the balance of power and control – playable and forgiving as well it is giving me added pop on my serve. I should have played with it in Detroit. Period.
I’m looking forward to playing during the Winter. Specifically I will be working hard on my fitness, consistency and my technique. Joining another club will help, plus seeking out a coach to ensure that I work on my short selection. I need to prepare for my strokes earlier and improve my footwork. I’ll need to make a decision about my training in the gym as well – if the goal is to improve my health vs. my tennis specifically – routine will have to change. Should anyone who sees me play regularly catch wind of this, I’ll expect them to tell me very simply – it’s your head that needs fixing; your game is fine. I’m very determined to pick it up during the Fall/Winter. I have yet to play my best tennis and I think this patch is what I needed for the wakeup call.
I’m closing on my first year of the TLGTA as a member of the executive team and it has brought me more than I had hoped, even though it has been quite a juggling act. I still need to find time outside of tennis to focus on additional items that I have to cover this year. More later. Nerd

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