The Thrill of the Fight

When Geoff asked me to sub for him for TLGTA’s Summer Team Tennis – it was hard to resist. I hadn’t practiced or competed on a regular basis, but I had improved my technique, sought after books and played tougher competition. Also, the conversation with myself is quite different during a match situation. I summoned all the will in the world to win today. My partner and I eased into one another – we both stayed positive and worked our way through a tough match in the doubles. A decision that was posed to end quickly after they went up 7-4 (pro set – hence games go to 8, win by 2) eventually was taken by us in a tremendous display of power, consistency and touch. The final score was 9-7 – I was tickled pink. Keeping my head in it to win it helps.
The singles was another battle. I had taken the first set 6-3. This was my best serving display from recent history. Clearly the mechanics are starting to come together – the toss, the follow-through, the position of my head, all of it. I’ve cleary rebounded from my loss at CGO whereby I was not hitting through my shots or setting up points well there. As the first set went on, I picked up my level of aggression – hitting through shots, making adjustments in the wind; all the things I should be doing on a consistent basis. The second set started off on serve and then I fell down 5-3. I held to push it to 5-4 and then applied pressure to get the games back to 5-5. I thought about Geoff during that time and figured I had to win it for him in light of his injury. That I did forcing a 7-5 victory in the second set.
How I feel about this match is in line with how I feel about life in general. I’m pretty happy right now and I hope this wave continues.
– Adrian

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