It’s been too long…

There’s much to report since my last post. I am 9 months into a job that I do in love. I’ve decided to give this dating-thing a try after a 3-year hiatus. A lot has happened in the past year and I expect positive to continue to be a recurring theme for 2008. I can definitely attest to a change in my demeanor, my perspective on social issues, politics and how I spread my time. There’s a difference between selfishness and self-interest; the increased focus in the latter is what I am referring to in particular. I’m lucky to have my family and a close knit group of friends around me. This group differs from the set that I’ve grown up with, but no matter – change is what it is and I’m not complaining about it whatsoever.
I’ve had just about enough of this weather. I can’t stand the cold and for everyday that the temperature is below zero it’s another reminder that playing tennis outdoors is just a pipe dream.
I’ve taken the advise of a professional and moved to smaller head racket designed to give me better control. It will also require me to use more of my own power. My game has not yet peaked and the CGO 2008 is less than 2 months away. I am itching to get into my best form ASAP. I have a shot at winning the singles and the doubles if I can play the way that I do in practice. In practice rallies, I’m tough to beat — between now than May 17th, I need to get on point with my game and my fitness. I’ve been playing tentative, nervous tennis during Winter and I have yet to play at my level. I believe the next few weeks of hard gym training will help me turn that around. I’m committed to getting into the best shape over the next two months in order to lay a serious claim for both titles.

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