Random Funny: Finch Station

During my week off (intbetween jobs), I managed to take a trip downtown to meet up with Rumi to work on my singles. I worked it out so I could drop my car off at the dealership at 9:30am, trek downtown to shop for a bit, play some tennis then make my way back in time to pick up my car. My dealership kindly offers shuttle service within a generous radius that I capitalized on in order to make this adventure work.
I arrived at Finch Station well before my scheduled pickup time at 6pm. I was waiting patiently for the shuttle to arrive in the Passenger Pickup at Finch. I was facing Yonge and thought I would catch the shuttle upon arrival. I gave Terry a ring on my cell while I was waiting and we chatted for about 15 minutes. All is well at Blue. Post call the time was a little after 6 – maybe 5. another 10 minutes pass and I decided to walk around the dome and lo and behold, the shuttle sat there, obscurely and parked. The driver seemed annoyed to some degree, which I could understand. He couldn’t have been a day over 70. I walked up to the shuttle, whipped open the sliding door and rested my rackets and duffle bag on the back seat and sat down in the passenger seat. Note the dialogue.
Driver: Hello there
Me: Hello, sorry about that, I hope you weren’t here long.
Driver: Oh not too long, but I am still waiting for Mister Chang.
Me: Wait no further. I am Mister Chang and it’s a long story.
Driver: Oh Wow. I was expecting an Asian Man.
Me: Meh. I was expecting you to enter from Yonge Street. Guess we’re even.

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