Rust Remover

This year marks my debut at the CGO (it will be my first GLTA tournament). Traditionally, another tournament is scheduled prior to the CGO to help the players get into tournament mode, known as the Rust Remover.

The format for the matches was simple: proset up to 8, no ad scoring, 45 minute limit. The format was designed to drive home the fact that we should be playing point-by-point tennis. My results were modest at best. Won the first match 7-5. Lost the second and third, respectively 3-6 and 5-8 (not bad after being down 1-4 against a very tough opponent whom I respect).

The peanut gallery made some interesting remarks; apparently I am exuberant on the court. I have an aggressive style of play (at least I did in the first match). Good hussle. I really do enjoy playing tennis; competiting, fighting for every point. I’m trying to add some nuances to my game: slice, serve-and-volley, down the line forehand and backhand, drop shots. My movement and my fitness are not where they should be given the issues that I’ve had with my knee and my ability to train consistently. All of that aside, I can’t complain about my preparation. Daily drills on the court outdoors, tennis during the winter months at Greenwin and Mayfair, experience on clay and hardcourt, many times coming back from 0-40 and 15-40 games to hold serve. I’m going to savour this one for a long time.

The next logical question that one would ask is has all of the rust been removed? I guess you’ll have to wait and see (read).


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