Since my last entry…

Much has transpired since my last entry. [ Oh yeah…I forgot to post the day-by-day from our Cuba trip. ]
I have not had any rhythm on the court for a good month and a half. My serve is coming along great; I’m using my legs, hips and shoulders more consistently on each serve. The major problem that I am having is consistency. I also sustained a nasty injury to my left knee. Years ago it popped out of my leg in my apartment when I was busting a move infront of my full length mirror. (I suspect those secret readers out there will have a good chuckle about this). During a social tennis night at greenwin, I was reaching for a ball and hit a rut in the clay, causing me to fall in an awkward manner. I fell in such a way that my left leg was upgright while the rest of me was on the ground. I clearly dislocated the knee upon the fall. It made a cracking sound. Since then (the week of March 15), it has been healing slowly, but surely. Ice and ibruprofen have been reliable adversaries. I expect to recover 100% in another month’s time and I will be fit for CGO.
There’s a lot that I want from this first have of the year.
The art bug has hit me again. Since I caught 300 in the theatre, I’ve been toying with the idea of the self-portrait in Xerxes image. I should complete it before my birthday.

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