LAST NIGHT: Ride Program LOL

After Social Tennis (8-10pm, Greenwin Tennis Club), I got into my car and headed down Mount Pleasant en route to meeting the boys for drinks. I did not have an ounce of liquor in my system. I’m blasting Jay-Z and Cassie on my mixed CD, full base, full surround. Just as I pass St. Clair – I see the lit firecrackers and a barrage of officers.

I turned off my music and waited patiently behind the other cars until it was my turn for inspection. When the officer signalled for me to be inspected, I pulled up and this is how it played out:

(Adrian rolls down window).

Officer: Good evening, sir. We’re doing a ride program.

(Adrian smiles wide)

Officer: Sorry, ugh, ma’am

Adrian: You were right the first time – it’s sir.

Officer: Sorry sir, you have such a beautiful smile, I just thought you were a woman.

(Note to readers: Remember kids, I’m black and it was dark – honest mistake)

Adrian: Thanks. Sorry to disappoint you, but I’m flattered.

Officer: Well did you have anything to drink tonight, sir?

Adrian: Nothing to drink.

Officer: Well then, take care and have a good night.



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