Boxing Day Recap

This year was consistent with the past couple of years. Downtown by 9:30am, iPod in ear, knapsack in toe. I covered Bay/Bloor first, then walked down Yonge from Bloor to Dundas to the mecca of all beasts – the Eaton Center. All in all the damage was minimal: couple of sweaters, a yoga DVD, two mugs for the house; none of it from the Eaton Center. By noon I couldn’t stomach Eaton Center. People were spilling off the escalators like bad conversation. Most of the bandits were empty-handed. Babeless strollers were filled with coats, sweaters, scarves and mitts, but no shopping bags. I would like to know where the newscasters are getting their average spend figures.

The change of season sales in year’s past were always better than those held during Boxing week, hence there wasn’t a need to spend exorbitant amounts of money.

In my travels, I ran into Ryan B and Dylan at Yonge and Bloor.
Also ran into Tim from Queen’s U. Running into Tim brought back memories of Summer ’02. We watched almost all of the World Cup matches together and we split most of the competitive matches that played head-to-head. 

I also have a
sixth sense about Alex. I called him as I walked into The Bay at Yonge/Queen and lo and behold he was there. I walked around with Alex, Ian, Jimmy, Leo and Haruki briefly before finishing up downtown.

The second half of the day was spent with the Chang women. We ventured off to Vaughan Mills – I acted as the humble chauffeur and gift carrier extraordinaire. I believe Shara has stock in Jacob now that we can track on the TSE .

Thanks to those who have been checking in to read my ramblings. I’ll have more to add between now and the new year.

– AC


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