October 28

Last night, I met up with the boys for tennis at Greenwin for the annual Bette Davis Cup. We all decked out in our costumes. Guess what mine was? (Hint: a tennis player) I had never played at Greenwin, but it was a night to remember. Four green, indoor clay courts. Surprisingly I was hitting the ball well and moving well on clay and in costume. I’m looking forward to playing in some of the tournaments next year and earn some hardware. I will need to seek coaching for my forehand; that shot is my achilles when it’s off by even 5%.

After tennis, Codi, Marko, Alex, Ian and myself ventured out for pre-Hallowe’en festivities. Codi was the outpatient and depending on who you spoke to I was either a nurse, doctor or orderly. I had tongue depressors and the white gloves in toe. Proved to be another fun night. We went to Frans at Victoria & Shuter shortly thereafter where we ran into Adam and Brad. We grabbed coffees and hung out in the lobby until Adam’s break was finished. Home by 4am.

Someone near and dear to me is grieving right now – I hope you find light in dark places.


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