Random Thoughts

The weather as of late suggests that we are not going to have an Indian Summer this year. Early predictions call for a mild winter; a milder one than last years, which I wouldn’t mind at all.  No regrets on the summer, despite not being able to hit Wonderland. However, I did finish 3rd in the IBM Tennis Ladder Championships (a big step from not competing in previous years due to injuries–broken jaw, ankle sprain, knee tendonitis). I may play tennis during the Winter at Greenwin to try to stay in shape–this year, I attempted to play my way into better shape, which takes longer and longer every year. If I peak earlier, then I’ll be fit enough to travel and compete in some local tournaments.

I am now three full years removed from University and I was thinking about how I could find some time to give back to the Queen’s community. Just as the thought entered my mind, I was contacted by someone who wanted to drive a similar type of initiative. I’ll will be participating in a pilot project with some of the grads based in Toronto to see if we can try to attract more Black youth to consider Queen’s as an option for their post-secondary education. This will involve mentoring, visiting high schools and going on campus to lead the tours with students, as young as Grade 6 and onward. This has the potential to be something worthwhile. I’ve been looking for this type of project for some time now. Now that it is here, I’m willing to run with it.

I am excited about Shara’s long awaited return on Friday. It’ll be nice to have her back in the fold, even if it is just for a weekend. My close friends are aware that I am planning a dinner party at my house shortly. I’m still fiddling with the date, guestlist, and menu (in that order). I want the right combination of people to attend for the night to go off without a hitch. I usually throw one of these at least once a year. Dave and I used to have them on a regular basis. Last year, it was Dave, myself and Alex. Marko has followed up with me a few times, so has Codi and Antonette. For now, all I will say is stay tuned.


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